Located in the heart of Oneroa village
[ s p a c e ] contemporary art gallery is a collective of eight well established Waiheke Island artists.

With 4 distinct exhibition areas,
[ s p a c e ] welcomes you in a well-lit and uncluttered gallery where you will enjoy browsing
our exclusive collection of abstract and figurative paintings, 
original sculptures,
elegant ceramics, bronzes, jewelry and drawings, 
indoor and outdoor art from delicate small figurines to monumental works. 

Meet our artists.

Established in 2013, [ s p a c e ] art gallery is a collective of 8 local Waiheke artists.
When visiting the gallery you are likely to be greeted by one of our artists.
Paul Radford, painter and sculptor, Mary Ferguson, painter, Jay Lloyd, sculptor and Maria Lloyd,  sculptor,
Katie Trinkle Legge, painter, Kiya Nancarrow, ceramicist, sculptor and Olivier Duhamel, digital sculptor, and Jenny Mason, jeweler.

We all take turn at the gallery and you are always welcomed by one of the artists who shall be very happy to tell you more about their practice, career, techniques and inspiration.

  Who is at [ s p a c e ] today?

a Photo of Waiheke sculptor Maria Lloyd

Maria Lloyd

I am fascinated by ancient civilisations, their cultures and how they created ceremonial art forms and objetcs to distinguish Themselves and document their histories. By Unravelling their mysteries we inevitably learn more about ourselves.

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a photo of new Zealand sculptor Olivier Duhamel

Olivier Duhamel

New Zealand sculptor Olivier Duhamel has established his art practice on Waiheke in 2004. His distinctive laminated sculptures in wood, in acrylic and in bronze are held in many private and public collections and exhibited around the world but …

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a pictures of sculptor Jay lLoyd

Jay Lloyd

Bronze holds the same allure for me as it did for all those who have worked it for centuries.
I like my work to have simple clean lines and I take pride in the hand craft nature of what I do. The process is as important to me as the final product. 

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a photo of artist Mary Ferguson

Mary Ferguson

Mary pursues her highly personal and intimate style through rigorous studio investigations and has an established professional practice on Waiheke Island, Auckland.

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a photos of artist Kiya Nancarrow

Kiya Nancarrow

I have worked with clay for the past 20 years with the aim of conveying a sense of movement and energy. This has been based on a belief that energy passes through all things, both animate and inanimate; This imagined energy offers much in terms of potential form.

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Jenny Mason

Jenny Mason

The pieces I create start from observations of New Zealand’s flora, fauna and landscapes, and a desire to translate them into objects. I also draw inspiration from found objects, historical traditions and the materials themselves.

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Katie Trinkle Legge

Katie was born in New York. She graduated with an honors BFA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 1988. She currently exhibits her work in New Zealand and the United States. Her work is a unique combination of contemporary and classical painting styles…

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A portrait of artist Paul Radford

Paul Radford

Paul Radford was born in 1957 in Australia but has lived in New Zealand for most of his life. He has a rich working history, as an exhibiting artist with over 30 solo shows and also in film and television as a scenic artist.

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Take a virtual tour

Take a 3D virtual tour of  [ s p a c e ] gallery  (as of July 2020)

[ s p a c e ] is on Waiheke island.